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Carpe Diem/ Seize The Day

Divas Cape Town

Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town - 28 July 2018 

BoardWalk Casino, Port Elizabeth -  01 August 2018 

Big Top Arena, Carnival City, Johannesburg - 04 August 2018

Tickets available:

Grand Arena Cape Town South Africa

Grand Arena Cape Town South Africa

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Gale & The Storm -    This is a story of a singer Gale Storm ( Karyn White) who at the height of her career walks away from the industry because she feels betrayed by all involved. Her boyfriend & band leader, her record company and her band. Until 7 years later she meets Hannibal a once former successful music producer who also has a similar story. He try’s to pull her out of the fire but she’s not a willing participant. But pulling her out it's helping him to move forward in what he’s doing. This is a story of 2 people connected to each other and it’s not until they get into the fight of their lives that they recognize how great they are together and for each other.

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