The Return of the Superwoman

Karyn White The Superwoman has returned..  

If you've been up on Karyn White news, then you've probably heard the reason you hadn't heard from her in quite sometime was because of her 17 year hiatus (to raise her baby girl " Ashley " with Super Producer Terry Lewis ) well that chore is done and Ashley is becoming hugely successful in her on right as a (network news reporter) and Karyn White is back on the scene forreal!!!! With a New Movie (Gale & The Storm), A New Sound Track (8 New Karyn White songs) and a new sitcom (Beauty & The Baller - BET Centric) Ms. Karyn White has a LOT to talk about. If you are interested in speaking with the Super Woman please send a request with dates and times and we promise to be prompt and quick with our response, looking forward to hearing from you all?

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International Review : Karyn White – Lame Excuses by Addison Coleman 

By Jimmy Star 

September 2, 2018 

“Lame Excuses”…. even the name evokes an anger within me just thinking of the person recording star KarynWhite is singing about. 

The single is inspired by and included in the superstar’s film, “Gale and the Storm, closely based on Karyn’smusical life. The track is filled with funky, orgasmic and salacious rhythms and distinct beats. 

The production on the track is above super, and White’s voice is clear and confident. It’s a moving song that tells a story within itself, with a relevant theme. It’s relatable, and certainly makes a point. 

Karyn White first gained popularity in the late 80’s, early 90’s with  hits such  as, “Secret Rendezvous” and “Superwoman”. She was twice Grammy nominated and became the first female to have three solo releases from her debut album to go to number one on the Billboard charts. 

Her second album had songs produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, then her husband. She also worked with Babyface. After the birth of her daughter and a marriage break up, White took a Long hiatus from the music industry, but now she has come back strong and in full force to take care of some, ” Unfinished Business”. 

The movie “Gale and the Storm” stars Karyn White and is a perfect “feel good” film about a singer who had enough of music and eventually found her way back. The movie’s soundtrack is filled with funk, and R&B tracks. “Lame Excuses” is a great first representation from the soundtrack.  Stay tuned for more from Karyn White, she is on a return mission and with her talent she is sure to succeed. 

A little snippet of my new music Lame Excuses available at  and Amazon. 

— Official Karyn White (@karyns_world) 16:59 - 19 Jul 2018

Mon 8 PM UTC+01 · www.k2kradio.comThe Wayne Boucaud Radio Show,Blackin3D-Karyn White 

Mon 8 PM UTC+01 · Coco Express Radio Network  Interview on Upfront with Ray Cornelius WCLK Atlanta Karyn White & Derrick Muhammad/ talking about their new movie "GALE & THE STORM" on Funk Chronicles.