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Written by Karyn White, Derek DOA Allen, JWhite and Featuring (rap) O Whitty
Music Produced and Composed by
Derek DOA Allen


Wicked Minded Fools

Black ain’t wrong
We gotta hang on.
People let’s sharpen up
Fall in love with each other again.
Cause Hannibal's got a plan
And a middle finger for the man.
Confused and lost in the struggle
The devil want to keep you seen double
As a black man thinkin
Knowledge, Wisdom , Truth .
Original man lets take a stand
They don’t care about you
Wicked minded fools
I’ll never be the puppet strung up to their lies
I refuse what you see is the birth of the funk and the soul
never be another like the original.
Wicked minded fools
Always jivin ’tryna make you lose
That’s just what they do
Not tryna be no wicked minded fool.

It’s me against the enemy
That’s the way it’s gotta be,
Not signing on your dotted line
I’m taking everything that’s mine...
Half ass super nigga,
How you figure
we got split the take…
This aint no deal to make
I don’t care what you think
What’s amazing it’s gonna feel like a vacation that work in the streets get hurt in the streets got burnt in the streets with no patience until it made sense so focused
You will think I had a eight sense
Make enemies oil I make rent
Thank God for the people who had made tent
Really can’t stop the most high’s arrangement cuz
I’m more then a gimmick out a basement And im more then a figure out the matrix You can’t change me just cuz you changed it is stay happy cuz
I’m my favorite and I just ain’t fined yet no matter how hard it get that my fifth heartbeat if you interested using instruments just to say my sentiments don’t worry yall really cuz
I been intense what I meant permanent really in a since what I’m saying keep yo’ mind right and militant unconflicted ambitious and diligent
I ain’t really over til it’s over everything it will always be a quota, with a lil dedication it’ll show up high life is ain’t ever feelin sober is ur origins undisputed is the real you substituted why being you seems under suited go check a mirror for something stupid better run cuz the devil standing under cupid with aim on you and he’s bouta’ shoot it same thangs won’t do for yo’ life solution matter fact you gon’ prolly need a revolution or evolution everyday it’s the same thangs same plays in the game though the game change everybody wanting in just to gain change but the moment that they in they just gain change and it really ain’t the same thang people talking different but they really want the same thangs make you wanna change names cuz some thangs strange it’s some beast in the street that you can’t tame.